The Wizard of Oz debuted 70 years ago, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. It is one of my favorite films.

The whole story is inspiring to me. She was lost, she overcame overwhelming challenges, and finally she found out that she had everything that she needed the whole time. I've loved this one since I was a child.

I even love The Wiz (both play and film), and Wicked. The Wiz put an African American spin on the story and Wicked is the story of the Evil Witch and how she became that way.

Do you love all things Oz? Is it nostalgic for you? Do you watch everytime it's aired on television?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    I love the Wizard of Oz and do watch it every year when it comes on! Nothing like a good story with good music and a moral. Oh and a happily ever after, too!

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