Pop star, Chris Brown, was to be sentenced yesterday, but the procedure ended up being delayed. Nonetheless, whenever the new date is set, he's expected to receive 5 years probation and six months of "labor intensive" community service in the case that stemmed from his physical assault of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. He's made a public apology, although it was months later, and has been ordered to stay away from her. But here's my question--When is it ever "okay" for a man to hit a woman?

I've heard many opionions on this, ranging from "it's never okay" to "if she hits him first" to "if she gets in his face" to "if she deserves it." I have a son. Although he is not a teenager yet, he has been taught that it is NEVER okay to hit a female. NEVER. EVER. PERIOD. THE END. And just so that he doesn't get confused--slapping, shoving, and the like are included. Agressive physical acts, of any sort, towards women are NOT okay.

What's your take on it? When is it okay? And if there are scenarios that you feel warrant it, when do you notify the female? Does she know going in? Should he tell her on the first date? Or does she only find out after she's committed a violation? Im curious. Tell me.

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Darcel Says:

    It is NEVER ok to hit a woman. I don't think it's ever ok to hit anyone. Of course there is self defense. We have become so violent, it's really sad. It's the easy and weak way out to start beating on someone.

  2. It's never ok. The only way that I think it might be is if you can see she's trying to take your life.

  3. Mo Says:

    With out a doubt, I agree with your other readers. It is NEVER okay to HIT anyone. I have seen one of my brother's girlfriends try to be the agressor and hotheaded. He is a big guy, football player and she a short petite woman. Again, It's never okay. I told her that you are lucky my brother was raised with the good sense to not hit a woman but how dare she put my brother in that situation because once you start throwing objects at a person... when does it become self defense?

    There was another situation happened to one of my sisters. She had a crazy ex boyfriend who was "stalking her" and tried to get rough with her. Well it took our crew of 4 out of 6 siblings to show up at his house to explain how she is someone's daughter and sister and that behavior will not be tolerated. Plus, we spoke to his grandmother about his behavior and how next time she will have to visit her grandson in jail...surprisingly enough... my sister never heard from him again.

    What do they say in Kindergarten? Use your WORDS!!!! not your HANDS!!

  4. cmiles Says:

    The only time its ok, is in self defense. Sometimes in this society women can be just as violent as men, and just as dangerous. But, I think thats the only time a person should put hands on any individual, man or woman.
    If its possible to get away without hitting back, great...I dont subscribe to women hitting men unless its in self defense either. But thats just me.

  5. I agree with you, NEVER EVER! They can always walk away.

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