Why is mainstream media STILL talking about Michelle Obama's shorts? Good grief! Is she truly not allowed to wear shorts? Was it truly such a fashion faux pas? I've seen reports that she is "pushing the envelope." Seriously?

Well, critics, I live in South Florida. I've SEEN real violations. This wasn't one. I've seen folks on the local "clothing optional" beach that should have opted to stay clothed. I was not offended by Mrs Obama's attire. She wasn't at a state dinner. She was enjoying life.

They say that she is the first First Lady to don shorts in public. This is 2009. Get over it folks--their family is full of firsts. If you have a valid issue, I'll listen. But for this, y'all making up stuff!

Your comments--priceless!!

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    When you have nothing good to say about the president and his family and there IS nothing bad to say they reach for anything. Shame on the media except for the haters does anyone really care what they wear? I watch less and less news because it is no longer news but commentary. As Sgt Friday said "just the facts"! They need to keep their opinions to themselves or get a job on E

  2. Mo Says:

    Michelle is a young woman who is in great shape. She is in my opinion the best dressed First lady we have seen in a good while. There is no reason why she needs to follow behind the matronly fashion of former first ladies. My God people the woman is on vacation!!!

  3. Susa Says:

    This first family will always be under scruity as long as they are in office. Michelle & Pres Obama dress like they are "real" people with family. Who can go on vacation and not dress comfy? If the others wanted to wear dresses and suits on vacation for the purpose of the "media" then so be it. My hats off to Michelle and Pres Obama for showing that for once, real people are in the white house! She looks fantastic and I see she pulled out some shorter shorts than the first ones they complained about!
    If they don't want to see them, stop following them around with high powered lenses to get pictures!

  4. nursetuck Says:

    hahaha @ us opting out of swimwear. Amen on the previous comments. Good grief its summer and vacation time!

  5. dellgirl Says:

    Oh poor poor Michelle (oops, excuse the famaliarity)I can just see her now -- rolling around on the floor jerking and twitching in extreme emotional despair, crying her eyeballs out -- all because these people make stupid comments about her outfits. YEAH RIGHT!!!

    They're jealous because they or their spouses don't look as good as she does.

    I say, "Way to go, First Lady!"

  6. Sharon Ball Says:

    First off, girlfriend can wear some shorts and still look good. Second, I love it that Michelle Obama is real. Gee whiz if you can't be comfortable with yourself then who can you be comfortable with. I'm just sayin'...

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