So, what is this about the United States interrogating suspected terrorists using illegal tactics? Are they kidding? You mean there are standards for getting information from terrorists? Are they kidding?

So, let me get this right. Terrorists killed almost 3000 innocent Americans during the September 11 attacks. We catch them. And we have to ask nicely in order to get information out of them? Like Mother May I?? Are they kidding?

These are criminals. They have killed. They vow to kill again. Like Malcolm X said, "by any means necessary." Am I right? Or is there something that I haven't considered? Please point out the part I missed.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. There ought to be some sort of what happens in the interrogation room stays there. That's my thoughts!

  2. blqlvrgrl Says:

    I feel all is fair in war. We have to do what we need to , to get information. I love Obama, but I disagree with this. I believe there would have been more terrorist acts if we didn't do what we did. I believe that the CIA, etc...should be commended, not condemed and investigated!

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