So, here it is April and the economy is not getting any better. Everywhere folks are getting laid off and taking paycuts, but the cost of living is rising. Food, gasoline, and utilities are astronomical. And it seems that things will get worse, before getting better. How will we cope?

If you are like me, you're looking for ways to cut household costs. I'm examining things that I've always taken for granted to see if we could do without them. Do we really need 4 cell phones? Do we really need every channel DirecTV has to offer? Do we really need a lawn service and a pool service? Do we really need a fax line? Is 2 ply toilet paper really necessary? How many of these things could we live without?

Is it just me or are you too cutting back? What things have you given up? What things are you contemplating giving up?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Foxxy Says:

    My husband has already banned me from Sam's club. I go in there and buy things I dont really need and of course its in bulk quanities. I have already banned myself from the mall and they just opened a DSW here (my favorite shoe store), so I have to stay away from their too. Thank god the closest Macy's is 2 hours away!

  2. Lil Ejypt ~ Eden Says:

    Sistagirl, you are preachin' to the choir! I sure am cutting back. I am about to go from using my trusted Verizon network to the cheesy Cricket cell phone service. I am paying much closer attention when I do my grocery shopping. I am mos def going to cut back on some of these TV Channels, we don't need them all in two rooms. Folks better camp out in the living room if they want to watch the sports channel and whatever this other stuff is. I'm good with Judge Joe, Judge Judy, The Doctors, the news, and beyond that video rentals do me fine. I'm not shopping up a storm every time I get a commission check, either, lol. I cannot justify buying one more piece of clothes to put in my stuffed closet that has run over to the guest room, nor another pair of shoes when I have them stacked to the ceiling on my closet shelf.
    This recession is real. The economy hasn't been this bad since the 1930s. We've cut back on eating out, and even trips made from the suburb we live in down to metro San Diego. Time to tighten up and enjoy what we've already got that we own free and clear, and be grateful!

  3. catladysd Says:

    I will never give up my two-ply toilet paper!!!!!!!!!! And while foxxy is staying out of Sam's club i just went shopping there today, i load up on a lot of paper products, pet products and their meat as it is good quality at a good price.

    I have always been thrifty rather than extravagant, but like everyone else these days i question whether i just want something or really need it.

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