When I moved to Florida a few years back, I left my entire family tree. To compensate for that, I started carrying my digital camera in my purse and snapping pictures of everything. I bombard my family with pictures of our lives and activities. Of course, they appreciate having pictures of the kids. The pictures of me? Not so much.

Well now, the kids hate to see me pulling out the camera. The don't understand that if you don't take a picture of the experience, you can't go back and recreate the picture. I love looking at all the photographs and remembering "that particular day." I think they as they grow up, they will start to appreciate them as well.

Are you a camera hound? Do you take photographs of ordinary activities? Do you share them with family? Do your kids hate it?

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. catladysd Says:

    I have boxes and albums of photos. Lately we have been going thru mom's photo's pulling out duplicates, deciding which ones we want copied for all 3 of us. Mom has tons of photos and we have been getting a history lesson of our family as we sort through them. It has been a special time for my sis and i to spend with mom. and also a reminder of where we came from and how we got here.

  2. Foxxy Says:

    I think I inherited the photography gene from my mother and my daughter has inherited it from me. My mother has loads of pictures of us when we were kids and she still enjoys taking photographs. I love taking them as well but when we go places, it is my daughter who generally snaps the photographs and she is pretty good. When we went to D.C. for spring break, she snapped over 200 shots( I snapped the more difficult ones). She likes to share them with her classmates. Who knows I might have a professional photographer on my hands lol.

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