So, in a classic example of My Plan vs God's Plan, here I lay in Memorial Hospital Miramar, watching CNN cover a highjacking at the Jamaican airport. As you recall, My Plan was to finalize vacation dates with Dad yesterday, followed by a long chat with my good friend Beth. Neither of those things got done, as neither was on God's Plan.

Instead, I woke up yesterday with my left foot wayyyy swollen. My dear husband took a look and shuttled me off to the ER. The doctor wanted both an ultrasound of the leg to rule out a blood clot, as well as blood work. I settled in to wait, with my Kindle.

The ultrasound was negative, but then the fun started. First, my ER nurse, Elizabeth, came over with a strange look on her face. She asked if I knew that my iron was low. I responded that I had been anemic all of my life. She retreated. Soon after, the doctor returned. He advised that my iron count was much too low to allow me to leave the hospital. He further indicated that one of the ways that my body tried to announce this condition, was by the swelling of the foot. I immediately went into Classic Jewel mode and burst into tears, hoping to gain sympathy from him, and ultimately gain my freedom. He pretended not to notice. How do u NOT notice buckets of alligator tears???? As soon as I realized that the waterworks had absolutely no affect on him, I shut them off, deciding to save them for someone more worthy of such a fine display of drama.

So, here I lay, 2 blood tranfusions and 2 bags of iron later. Yesterday was THE DAY, but not for the reasons that I thought. God truly has a way of reminding us that our plans don't necessarily coincide with His.

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. cmiles Says:

    Throwing you a sign, saying release me now. As soon as your foot goes down march around in your hospital room.

    Wishing you the best, prayers and blessings.

  2. ~sunshine~ Says:

    Awww, hell! I'm sorry to hear that you're in the hospital...but I hope they are treating you well. I love you much and I hope you get well soon *hugs*...

  3. catladysd Says:

    It is good God blessed you with a sense of humor! Have a hunch they will throw you out of there as soon as they can.........and don't drink the water. oh wait that's only in foreign countries.

  4. Susa Says:

    Crumpie, get out of that bed right now, I NEED you! Get better soon and your drama worked on me, made me feel badly for you. Hurry hurry and get better soon.

  5. LUVA Says:

    God's plan is always better than our plan. He knows what He's doing and saying to you. SLOW DOWN AND REST! My prayers are with you. And we do know God is a good God and a Mighty Healer. Get your rest and let Him do His work (you do have your laptop hahahaa). Get well soon, God Bless and I'll keep you in my prayers. Love ya!

  6. Sinfully Says:

    Foods High in Iron
    1. oatmeal
    2. grits
    3. buffalo meat (it taste just like ground beef-so hursh)
    4. oysters
    5. beef liver
    6. mussels
    7. lean cuts of beef

    Foods that aid in Iron Absorption
    1. orange juice
    2. grapefruits
    3. broccoli
    4. brussel sprouts
    5. tomato
    6. red peppers
    7. white wine

    Foods/Beverages that Inhibit Iron Absorption
    1. caffeinated beverages
    2. red wine
    3. spinach (I know, hard to believe)
    3. rhubarb
    4. whole grains and bran
    5. soy products

    This is a list I give my patients who have severe iron deficiency anemia. I hope it helps.

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