Yesterday it happened again. Twice. During my daily travels, I saw 2 separate shoes laying in the road, in 2 separate locations. This is something that has always interested me. I can't figure it out. How did the shoe get there?

Was someone crossing on foot, absentmindedly step out of their shoe and not realize it, and continue on to their destination without it? Was someone's foot hanging out of the window of a car or bus and the shoe fell off, but then they were in a rush and didn't have time to retrieve it?

Was there a fight in the car and the shoe was thrown out? Was there a fight on the street and when the police got there, OneShoe ran, knowing he was leaving the shoe? Were there a pile of shoes tied to the roof of the car and one fell off?

How does one shoe get in the middle of a busy roadway? What do you think?

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. catladysd Says:

    hahahaaha. I like the foot out the window theory best. having never lost one shoe on the road i can only imagine. I have however, lost one shoe in the house! And even with that i am often stymied as to how one shoe is sitting in the closet where it belongs and the other has wandered away initiating a frenzied search muttering "i know that darn shoe did not get up and walk away by itself"!

  2. Sharon Ball Says:

    Now that you mention it, I've wondered the same doggone thing. I saw a womens t-shirt on the side of the road today and wondered how it got there. Life is so strange that you just never know about folks. LOL.

  3. nursetuck Says:

    hmm, I always thought the one shoe fell from the santitation truck. LOL now I'll have to do more research..

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