Ok..so during a trip to the zoo, you decide to jump into the polar bear habitat during feeding time. Is it just me who thinks that was a bit "not smart?" What did she think--that they were going to hand her a bottle of Coke???

Now there are public outcries for zoos to be safer? I think zoos should have measures to prevent animals from escaping, as well as those designed to prevent accident entries or falls into exhibits. But now we want them to be required to keep crazy folks out?? At what point does responsibility for one's self enter the picture?

And then, when she was finally rescued, she gives the authorities fake names and isn't cooperative? Is it just me? Is it??

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. lepaix Says:


    It is certainly not just you. The woman who jumped into the polar bear exhibit during feeding time was not thinking straight! I suppose the question could be asked as to how she was able to jump in -- and could it be made impossible for someone to jump in -- and was that only possible because she was a taller adult? I would want to know if she took extraordinary measures to jump in and/or if the area was COMPLETELY childproof. Apart from that, it would seem this one is on her.

  2. ~sunshine~ Says:

    It's absolutely not just you. This lady got whatever it was she was looking for when she jumped in, and she is lucky to have escaped with her life. Zoos should be safehavens for the animals, to protect them from idiots and folks like this lady. It seems like everywhere I turn, folks are becoming more and more lax about taking responsibility for their own actions. It is not the zoo's fault that she jumped in there, and it is not their responsibility to protect her from herself. This makes me ill!

  3. catladysd Says:

    I believe some people live their lives in this alternate world believing that no harm or consequences will come from their actions.

    The problem is that their actions may also cause consequences for others such as the ability to enjoy the zoo animals.

    When the Griffith Park Zoo in L.A. was deemed "not safe" in its beautiful hillside setting they built a huge, concrete zoo nearby that removed the animals so far from the folks it was not nearly as enjoyable. The reason, some parent did not watch a child who managed to get too close to if i recall an elephant area. the knee jerk reaction was to make it so inaccessible as to make it unappealing.

  4. cmiles Says:

    Its not just you. People stopped thinking all of a sudden.

  5. Eden ~ Lil Ejypt Says:

    Just made me wonder:


    If you're not high out of your gourd or mentally highly unstable...WHO the HELL jumps in a habitat full of BEARS? Are you kidding me?

    Seems she needed that consequence. Wonder if she'll ever do it again? WIll she at least have the benefit of retaining and making use of that memory as in "If I knew then what I know now" and "ME? NO WAY am I jumping in with the bears, no WAY!" type thought process? Or will she walk out of the hospital not getting how dumb it was to do that?

  6. Sinfully Says:

    Crazy has a new face and it's jumping into an animal cage near you. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to explain that a wild animal will eat you...especially at dinner time. Just ask that fella from Las Vegas who kept sticking his head into that tiger's mouth.

  7. SilverStreak Says:

    Well she sure had her 15 minutes of fame, didn't she. Crazy fame, attention whore fame, but fame never the less.
    Maybe she thought she was swimming with the dophins.

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