Twenty years ago today, the world lost The Funny Woman, Lucille Ball. I grew up watching Lucy's antics on her various television shows and movies. There was Lucy, Ricky, Ethel & Fred, Mrs Trumbull, Mrs McGillicuddy, and Little Ricky. Later, Lucy had another show that featured her real life children as her small screen kids. I STILL can't watch old reruns without laughing until I cry.

Who could forget Lucy as the "vitameatavegamin girl"? Or the one where she mimes with Harpo Marx? Or Lucy and Ethel trying to package candy from the conveyor belt? I start to giggle just thinking about them. Back then, the whole family could watch television together. It was good, clean comedy.

She has been called one of the 100 Most Important People of the Century by Time Magazine, as well as one of the 50 Greatest TV Icons. She was also called Wife & Mom. She brought laughter to millions, during an era laden with war, inflation, and hard times. I can't think of a harder job. Thanks Lucy!!!

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. LUVA Says:

    Lucy also starred in movies.....but was at her best in comedy. One of my favorite episodes is when Lucy and Ethel were working in that chocolate factory........hahahahaa Or how about everytime she tried to be a part of Ricky's cabana shows? Thank God for TVLand!

  2. catladysd Says:

    Thanks for the post jewel, hard to find anyone who "lucy" didn't make laugh.

    I do wish tv had some of the truly family oriented shows again on the air. Enough with the reality, please make me laugh!

  3. Katz Scratch Says:

    You know "lil Ricky" is her real son! I loved the way Lucy destroyed Hollywood one actor at a Also, Lucy stomping grapes...woohoo!! What a talent ! We haven't seen her replacement yet.

  4. Sinfully Says:

    I loved the episode where she and Ethel were stomping the grapes. Ethel was the first true "ride or die" home gurl. LOL..who knew?

  5. lifeisfantastic embraceit Says:

    I LOVE LUCY - still comes on in my niche of the world every day - twice a day and on Saturday and Sunday's for about 2 hours each. I find her to be as funny today as she probably was to the family's in the 50's. A little trivia on Lucy is that she has never gone off the air since she first appreared - She is on somewhere in the world .....

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