What's with the free breakfasts? Denny's gave away Grand Slams last Tuesday as part of it's Super Bowl promotion and in another couple weeks, IHOP will host it's annual Free Pancake Day. Roaring Lion Energy Drink is giving away both a can of their product, as well as a can of their competitor's--Red Bull, for comparison. These is just the latest in marketing tactics geared towards consumers. These companies hope that if they lure you in with the free offering, that you may become a loyal customer.

I admit, free works for me. I like getting free products. In fact, about a year ago, I signed on as a agent with a company that sends me free products to try, in return for telling other people about those products. Some of the products that I have tried include snack foods, gasoline, soft drinks, laundry detergents, household cleaning products, and "healthy menu" items at chain restaurants. But, after using the sample, I seldom use the product again. It's not always that I wasn't impressed with the product, just not enough to stray away from being a "price shopper." For instance, I like Snuggles' new Almond Fabric Softener, but not enough to pay extra for it. If Downy is on sale this week, then that's what i get.

Would you go out of your way for a free product? Do you love to go to Costco on the weekends, just for the free samples? And then, once you've tried it, does it become your regular brand? Share your experience.

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. cmiles Says:

    No, I will not go out my way for a free meal, detergent, small ticket items of any kind, the time it takes and gas will cost more. However, I wouldn't hesitate for a free car, computer, etc...guess thats why they aren't giving them out for free, huh?

  2. ~sunshine~ Says:

    I belong to a site like that (might be the same one), and the products they send free to try are usually really great; however, "FREE" is what draws me in. All I have to do, though, is sit here and wait for them. I don't go out of my way to get free stuff, and there are products that I will pay a little bit more for just because that's what I've always used. There are some types of products (cleaning products for instance) that I won't buy store-brand, but others that I have no problem buying store brand. You can't take it with you when you go I guess; but today, with the economy the way it is, you sure have to be a savvy financial planner to not NEED to bargain shop and hunt down freebies. My mom is very tight-fisted with money, and always has been. It used to irritate me - but when she lost her job and was unemployed for 2 years, and didn't even come CLOSE to running out of money, something struck a chord with me. I guess that's why she's financially well-off, and I'm usually broke LOL

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