Tonight, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences will award the prestigious Oscars for excellence in the film industry. Those that work in the film industry will cast votes of recognition for their peers. I think that is a wonderful concept--to be honored by your colleagues.

Too often, especially in the work environment, there's not acknowledgement of jobs well done. This economic climate has created an environment of cheating, backbiting, and underhandedness. Layoffs in some companies are imminent and everyone wants to shine, securing their own position for the future. In that sort of atmosphere, few compliments and kudos are bestowed upon others.

I used to work for a small company that gave away cash to the Employee of the Month. At the end of the monthly staff meeting, employees were nominated by their coworkers, along with a short anecdote about why. It was great to hear the stories and you could see the nominee beam. Then the owners passed the nominee an envelope with about $200 cash. Later everyone stopped at their desk to congratulate them and give them a pat on the back.

Those owners got it right. For about $2500 a year, they found a great morale booster. But really, it doesn't even have to be money--simple, public acknowledgement goes a long way. Heck, it could be a $5 Starbucks card. The thing is--recognize good things! It really goes a long way.

Do you recognize your peers for good jobs, even if your employer doesn't? And if your employer does, what do they do?

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Sinfully Says:

    We have an Employee of the Month recognition program (Clinical and Non-Clinical). The honorees get prime parking for a month, 1 day of paid time off (PTO) and their photo on our wall of fame. Candidates are nominated by fellow Associates or patients. At the end of the year Associates are encouraged to vote for the Employee of the Year from the pool of honorees. That person gets $500, 1 week of PTO and their photo on the wall of fame.

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