Have you started prep for cleaning yet? Well, I'm looking forward to Spring Cleaning. I have lots that I've collected that needs to be purged. I have items that no longer fit that need to be given away. I have surfaces that need to be cleared and things that need to be put away. Now, you may think I'm talking about cleaning my home-WRONG! I'm talking about getting rid of rubbish in my life!

Every so often, you have to take stock of the clutter in your life and figure out what you truly need and what you are simply hanging on to, knowing that you will never use it. This clutter could be relationships that you've simply outgrown. It could be the rubbish of stagnant processes that you had hoped would lead to a better life. I have all of that(and then some) in my life right now. Unfortunately, there isn't room for it. It's taking up much needed space.

So, I'm getting rid of it. I'm starting to gather it up now, with plans to leave it on the curb soon for the garbageman to scoop up and take away. Then I'll have room for new ventures. Not that some of those new ventures won't end up being swept away next year, but that what's life's about right--learning and growing?

Your thoughts--priceless!!
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  1. Yes, I have started my Spring Cleaning. The amount of disposal garbage I have collected in one year is amazing. My method, is the Feng Shui style, which is nothing more than "getting all the crap out" out of my life. From paper clutter to emotional bagage - the junk has got to go!

  2. LUVA Says:

    I hear ya, I started my Spring cleaning before 2009 and I'm finished getting the junk out my life.

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