I live in Broward County, Florida. We are in the dry season of the year. For the next few months, rain is scarce and we are under severe water restrictions. Only twice a week, during set hours can you water your lawn. Because of this, my lawn looks terrible. There are awful dry patches. But I take the law seriously, and don't water during times that I shouldn't (Even though we had an underground well that our sprinkler system is attached to).

Imagine how I felt last weekend, when I took a good look at the neighborhood last weekend. Ours is the ONLY lawn on the block, and one of very few in the neighborhood that has brown grass. Most of the homes have lush, green lawns and colorful flowers in the gardens. How could that be? We are under water restrictions. Certainly they are not watering daily, as their lawns suggest, are they? Are we the only family abiding by the law? Should I just start watering as well? I really would like nice grass too, but I'd much rather have drinking water and water for cooking, bathing and laundry.

Well, since then, I've really started paying attention. Yesterday the house next door had their sprinkers on for at least 2 hours after I got home and today, the nice lady across the street was outside watering hers by hand, using a hose. Now suppose our drinking water supply is diminished before the start of the rainy season in June. Will it have been worth it to have a nice lawn?

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Farley Says:

    you just made me realize, i havent seen grass since i left the states. very sad

  2. LUVA Says:

    We're under water restriction too here in Tampa. But we can still water our lawns with reclaimed water. It's a service that costs like an extra $4 on your water bill but it's worth it.

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