I've been watching the Real Housewives of Orange County. I have never seen a group of folks so out of touch with reality in my life. Are they kidding???

I've never seen any of them cleaning the house, or checking homework, or even putting gas in their Range Rover. In fact, one had a cleaning woman come but she refused to let the woman vacuum, for fear of waking her adult, non working, non going to school daughter. Let's examine that... ADULT, no job, no school--But let's not wake her??? What is that about??? Another went to visit her son, who plays minor league baseball. She even flew the son's girlfriend in. And he wouldn't even acknowledge her. It was as if she were invisible. Would not even part his lips to say hello to his mom. Still another was not certain if she had air conditioning in her home. She said she hears something "click on" sometimes, but she's not sure if it's air conditioning. Huh??

They went on spa trips in limos, vacations abroad, and elaborate dinner parties while their kids drank illegally, flunked out of school, and abused drugs. The kids were disrespectful--even cursing their moms. The husbands were equally disrespectful and disrepected. One wasn't allowed to go on the vacations, and whined about it. These women compare breast augmentations, bed linens(the $8,000 set of sheets won), and who is richest. I can't imagine myself in that life.

Is this how the rich live?? If so, I might just be happy the way I am...

Your thoughts--priceless!!
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  1. Sinfully Says:

    It's like watching a bad train wreck...unfortunately, I can't look away. I need a 12-step progrom for reality TV viewing. Can someone PLEASE take my remote!

  2. LUVA Says:

    I'll catch it at work sometimes and I agree with you. But then all these reality shows have gotten out of hand with disrespectful children,parents, husbands and wives. They're rich in money but will never be rich in love or compassion for each other. Guess we are happy the way we are!

  3. catladysd Says:

    I don't watch reality shows, but after your blog today i can see i'm not missing anything. I think many wealthy folks are frugal, you don't get rich throwing your money around and stay rich. My aunt and uncle were blessed with wealth, but she always shopped at places like the penney's outlet and sales. However, i guess that flamboyant lifestyle is what attracks viewers, not much excitement at the incredible 98 cent store.

  4. Eden ~ Lil Ejypt Says:

    This is exactly why I can't watch that stuff! FIRST...that shiftless daughter would have her ass up vacuuming and doing dishes and some mo' stuff. My daughter tried that and when she didn't meet the requirements she got put out. She learned her lesson and is now cleaning her OWN house. And I'll be dipped in crap and rolled in cracker crumbs before I let my child curse me. My 23 year old gets checked BUT QUICK if she curses IN FRONT of me. And my teenager, like her sister, has made it clear that I get scary when I get mad. What happened to raising our kids to have a healthy degree of fear of their parents? Worked for me growing up. I mean, I'm not abusive, but my kids must respect all adults, parents above all. Hmph. Those women are not wives and parents. They're whores for that lifestyle.

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