I got my taxes done last weekend. Now, I'm waiting on my refund to be deposited directly into my savings account. My friends who live in California may have filed their taxes as well, but they don't know when to expect their refund. California has halted all state tax refunds indefinitely. What?

In this age of economic crisis, with foreclosures and repossessions everywhere you turn, they are suspending payments to their citizens? Seriously? Suppose those people have debts and were counting on that money to give them some breathing room? Suppose that check is the only thing standing between them and eviction/foreclosure? Suppose they've promised debtors that they would catch up on payments with that money? And they can give no indication of when to expect it?

Why is it that everyone gets a bailout except the folks whose money we are using? Can we get a moratorium on foreclosures, evictions, utility shut offs, and credit reporting of a negative nature? No? Then be prepared for the inevitable.

It's not right to back people into corners with no place to go. A person who feels that they have no way out can be dangerous. It breeds undue pressure, stress, and unfortunately, suicides and homicides. I believe the Federal Government should step in on this one. After all, whose fault is it that California is in this position--certainly not the residents'.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Eden ~ Lil Ejypt Says:

    As a California resident, I am rather annoyed by the whole IOU for tax refunds trip. How dare they? Is this not flat out, blatant robbery? Am I truly being told that I cannot have MY money? For me, this is between 1800 and 1900 bucks--and although I am fortunate and this money doesn't make or break me--it's MINE and I want it. I work, I work hard, I am a tax payer, I contribute to the economy and financial wellness of this state. Soooo, what? Cali pimpin' now? Just taking our money without permission, without telling me when I'll get it back, and then I'm sure without the going interest rate being added when and if I do get it back?

  2. catladysd Says:

    Frankly, i think it is illegal, the state is delaying the overpayment of taxes to be returned to the rightful owner of that money. I also, believe that the state should be fined in accordance with the penalties it assesses on folks for late payment of taxes.

    This is a precedent that must be stopped.

  3. ~sunshine~ Says:

    I wonder if anyone will try and file a class action suit - not even sure if you CAN file one against state gov't...

    I did my taxes and was HOT about being taxed on my "economic stimulus" check...stimulus my ass!

  4. LindaK Says:

    I also am a California Resident and Very Pissed about the state holding on to our money for as long as they please!! So, what if I owed the state?? Would I be able to send them an IOU??? I think we all know what that answer is!!!

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