My Dad always said it would happen. He told me more than 30 years ago. We were standing in the hallway of Paul Junior High. He says to me, "One day, you will wish you had worn your glasses."

I found out in 7th grade that I needed glasses for reading. When we went to pick them out, he could tell that I wasn't enthused at all. I was too worried that the other kids at school would make fun of me. So I didn't wear them at school, then, after a few months, I stopped wearing them at home too.

My Dad said it would happen. It's happened. I wish I had worn my glasses. My eyesight has diminished now to the point where it's no longer a choice. I NEED my glasses. Not just for reading either, I probably need to wear them in my sleep, so I won't have to feel my way through my dreams.

This weekend, I am going to buy glasses. I have no worries at all about whether my co workers will make fun of me. I don't care. I just want to see clearly, after 3 decades. Sorry, Dad, you were right.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. lifeisfantaztic Says:

    I remember being 7 years old and reading something on the blackboard aloud in class when I came to something that was strange and blurry but I just kept right on reading as if I could make out the blurry words and all..... After reading my instructor sent me to the nurse's office where I was given paperwork to take home regarding my vision. I can remember going to the eye doctor and getting my pink and white cat frames with the rhinestones on the tip. I "hated" those glasses and never wore them except to "peek through" when I couldn't make out what was on the blackboard. Fast forward to Jr High School I was fitted with my "hard contact lenses" - no more 4 eyes @ least that the other students could tease me about... although I really didn't care....Now looking back at the 70's, 80's,90's and today I can confirm I have had contacts, large frames, small frames, designer frames, frames in all different colors to match every outfit in my wardrobe. Dark lens, transistion lens, rose lens and etc. And as I read this tiny jewel it took me back to my adventure with glasses - back in the day when "I HATED THEM" and now I walk around with 6 eyes my own, contacts and shades that are usually on top of my head...... "WHERE'S MY GLASSES?"

  2. LUVA Says:

    I feel you Jewel. I was told the same thing. I just got me a new pair of glasses this past Friday after waiting an entire year (Smokey got hold of them and chewed them up beyond recognition). I'm glad I got another cause now I'm singing like Johnny Nash "I can see clearly now" Girllllllll I got me a nice pair of Vogue's. No line bifocal progressive lens. My eyes are no longer tired and blurry at the computer.

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