Some say today, 9-9-09, will be the end of the world. I would like to hope not. I'm so not finished living. There are many things on my bucket list that I haven't done yet. I'm ill prepared for the end today.

Why do folks believe in such superstitious things? Why do they pass them on to their kids? Yesterday, my son came home from school and asked if I knew the world was ending today. I told him that I knew no such thing. In fact, I was so convinced that today would be no different than yesterday, that I insisted that he do his math homework.

On the other hand, I've heard of everyone from brides to film companies, coveting this date for their weddings and film releases. Everytime one of these triple digit dates comes up, we have this nonsense. Carry on, folks! Besides, my birthday is this weekend and I haven't gotten my flip video camera yet. Surely the world can't end before that!

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. dellgirl Says:

    I suppose if we look at it realistically, each day "IS-the-"END" for many. I wonder if any of them predicted their own demise on a specific day and it came true. Makes me go ummmmm...

    I'm like you, not ready yet. At 60+ there are still a lot ot things I have yet to do.

    For one, I'd love to be of GREAT service to those in need before I go.

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