I have always wanted to have a great singing voice. As a young child, I was convinced that I would be a singer when I grew up. Unfortunately, nobody in my life told me that I couldn't sing.

I was even in the school chorus. I think I did it for 5 or 6 years. Nobody wanted to stand beside me. Apparently, I have a problem staying on key. Whatever!

Finally, I realized that I did not have that talent. I am NOT a good singer. But then, that was about the time that "Putting on the Hits" arrived on television. Do you remember that show? It was all pantomime. You just pretended that you could sing, and did all the moves. I've GOT moves. I just don't have a voice. Not that it deterred me. A few years back, at a gospel brunch with my family, the band leader asked for folks to come up and sing. Who do you think did it? HAHAHAHA..now THAT'S a video that should have made it to YouTube!

So, here's my question--What talent do you wish you had but you don't? When did you first know that you didn't? Are you like me and still sing out loud and clear??

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  1. Sinfully Says:

    All during my elementary and early junior high school years I learned to play the piano, guitar, violin, drums and flute. My mother endured every recital and band performance. Then the 8th grade struck and suddenly it wasn't cool to be in the band. So I turned in my flute and band uniform for a membership into the "Fashionista club". My early musical foundation has given me a true appreciation of good music no matter the genre.

  2. catladysd Says:

    Like you i always wanted the voice of a diva, mine is passable but not star quality by any means, but i love to sing and do so at any given moment.

    My other desire was to be able to paint, I cannot even draw a straight line with a ruler :( so i have done crafts over the years which is creative, but oh how i would love to capture a landscape on canvas!

  3. MR. CHAP Says:

    hmmm, surely there has to something I can't do...lol

  4. nursetuck Says:

    I will sing out loud if the mood hits me and it does often! I had to sing in the choir growing up, nobody told me I couldn't hold a tune. We've had some good laughs at me trying sing. Some days I wish I was a little bird to sing lovely sweet tunes so all could enjoy..

  5. rachel Says:

    i like the voice of diva most...

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