Ok, I know you all won't believe me, but I tried not to blog about this. I really did. I didn't want to do it. But I had to. It's been burning in me and though I've been dowsing it regularly with that new Dasani water with lime essence, the flames keep coming back.

So, me and Dear Daughter went to the photo studio on Saturday. It was quite an experience. And how things have changed. When I sat for Senior Pics, I wore some old rag, they threw a cap and gown over it, snapped a few poses and I was done. This newfangled stuff was different. They took the senior pics with the drape and boa and that was fine. But now they have "PERSONALITY PICS." Huh? What the heck are personality pics? I quickly found out.

Personality pics are informal pics that you get to choose your own outfit for. In theory, it makes sense. Athletes pose in their uniform. Twins pose together, etc. However, in reality, it was NOTHING like that. Kids showed up with suitcases of outfits, some changing 10 or more times. They treated it as if it were their own personal photo shoot, complete with hair and makeup, usually done by Mom, but sometimes there was an additional person that the family had paid. It was unreal.

My daughter wore jeans and a tshirt, as she felt this adequately portrayed her personality but most of the girls had VERY suggestive outfits on. Things you would see in a men's magazine. Cheeks hanging out of shorts, boobs hanging out of tops--and, lest you forgot, these are high school KIDS. And again, parents were actively participating. The photographers had to admonish parents for running into the shot to unbutton yet another button and hike up a skirt a bit more. There was even one angry Mom who left in a huff because the photographer wouldnt allow her daughter to until her bikini top and use her hand to hold the tiny piece of fabric in place. What???

Is it me? Is it? Am I the ONLY parent in South Florida who doesn't wish to have my daughter's body on public display? I guess I can see why the kids would want to do this, but why would parent's allow it? What does this say about us as a society?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Thkchk Says:

    I'm with you. Even though I am neither in South Florida or am I a parent. We did the same thing for pics. Wore whatever got that drape slapped on you and smiled for the camera (I don't think I smiled though).

    I think these "new" photo shoots have been occuring for a few years now. I like you am not surprised that the kids want to wear suggestive clothing but if we go by the trend of "toddlers and tiara's" we shouldn't be surprised at mom's who encourage the display.

  2. Dren Says:

    GURLLLLLLLLLL. I feel you. That was my experience last summer with Dani. It was a horror show of T&A but they were at least limited to 6 poses so 6 outfits. Ugh truly HAM for some of the girls outfits.

  3. That started becoming a huge trend right after I finished school. It was like senior pictures became this huge chance to glam it up and be modelish and seductive. Personally I'm glad I missed that.

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