Lately, I feel like I've needed the help of readers more and more. Today is no different. Please help me with this question--WHY would you NOT want your child to hear an address from the President of the United States, advising him/her to stay in school and stay off drugs??

Please help me. To me, your own political affiliation should not even come into play. What difference does it make what party the President represents? Isn't this a message that any parent would want their child to hear? Especially coming from POTUS?

I'm very unclear on what the fear is? Will he say something that, when played backwards, will have a new meaning--like Missy Elliott did a few years back? Will he turn them into Democrats? I think he realizes that kids don't vote.

Please. If you have school aged kids in your life and do NOT want POTUS to address them, please tell me why. I simply don't understand. For the record, my kids will be present and accounted for on Tuesday.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. nursetuck Says:

    I can't figure it out either. Some people are so ignorant, disrepectful and rude. This is way beyond ridiculous!

  2. catladysd Says:

    It is so incredible to me that folks can be so narrow-minded, so biased, that they consider everything the president stands for is wrong. The dropout rate is 50% in some areas, how can you not be supportive of something that supports children getting an education and becoming productive members of society.

  3. Sinfully Says:

    I'm going to say it...this is racially motivated...pure and simple. The ONLY thing that makes our current president different from all other presidents is his skin color. Where was the outrage when the last president spoke/read to school children? No one requested his book selection or a copy of his speech. His intellect and judgement came into play daily and NOT one person had any issue with his interactions with the youth. I pity the poor children whose parents are sowing the seeds intolerance by making POTUS' speech anything other than what it is...a lecture to today's children about the importance of education.

  4. King of Cats Says:

    "Some people are so ignorant, disrepectful (sic) and rude."

    "It is so incredible to me that folks can be so narrow-minded, so biased,"

    "I'm going to say it...this is racially motivated...pure and simple."

    It goes without saying that the readers of this blog are, apparently, predisposed to viciously attack any dissent from His Will, He Who Is Obama.

    Nonetheless, I praise Jewel for having an open mind.

    I am a conservative. No, I do not have horns. Modern conservative thought is secular, but is strongly influenced by Judeo-Christian beliefs. A touchstone of both Judeo-Christian and secular conservative thought is rejection of idolatry, in all its forms, especially in the form of hero worship. Secular conservatives recognize that historically, social orders structured to support an iconoclastic leader are doomed to failure. Conservatives believe that power derives from the people, and that power concentrated in any one person, or even a small group of people, is dangerous and ALWAYS CORRUPTING.

    Therefore, from my perspective the identity and race of the current president is irrelevant. In my view, young children should not be indoctrinated to admire and trust the office of the president, any more than they should a king or a dictator. A modicum of respect is all.

    In a healthy democracy, both young and old should be suspicious of the president. It is the only branch of government (we do have three branches, remember?) where power is concentrated into one man. No matter who that man is when takes the office, the power will corrupt him (which is why we have term limits). Bill Clinton anyone? Richard Nixon? Bush?

    I also don't like the idea that so many parents feel it necessary for a complete stranger to inspire their children. Yes, as much as you think you "know Him" and plaster your car with bumper stickers and wear his T-shirts, Obama is a complete stranger. Why aren't your children inspired by YOU to achieve greatness? Why are you outsourcing the inspiration of your children to the GOVERNMENT?

    How about instead of letting the GOVERNMENT have our child's undivided attention, why not let our local pastors, ministers, teachers, sports coaches, or real live NEIGHBORS or FAMILY members have a shot? Why is it necessary for this man, this idol, Obama, to inspire our children?

    I hope some find my comments clarifying. They have nothing to do with Obama's race. My disappointment stems from the fact that a majority of people in this country are engaged in a perverse form of idol worship. My feeling is they should be solving their own problems, paying their own bills, and MOST of all, RAISING THEIR OWN CHILDREN, not outsourcing that to a pied piper.

  5. Ugmolicious Says:

    Recently, after I listened to a speech by President Obama, I had an incredible desire for ham hocks, collard greens, and chitterlings mysteriously come over me. I also had a strange desire to follow women with full lips, wide hips, and ample buttocks around the mall. Ridiculous isn't it?
    Yes, it is.

  6. LUVA Says:


  7. NPA Says:

    King of Cat,

    A 'modicum' of respect? That's all you think the President deserves? Being suspicious of the President? That's exactly why there are three branches of government - to have a system of checks and balances.

    I think it's wrong to compare him to a king or a dictator as he did get his power from the people.

    And there is a difference between idol worship and admiration for someone who is trying to help lead the country, not necessarily dictate to it. I agree that there should not be a promotion to 'idol' status. And I do think parents and teachers are best to inspire children.
    As parents, you're right, we should be inspiring our children. And teachers should. And sports coaches you mentioned. But I still don't think you answered why we should be afraid of having a President inspire children to stay in school and get an education.
    The more people who reinforce that message, the better off our youth will be.

  8. MR. CHAP Says:

    Catladysd: That's what I'M talking about. What's weird is, parents normally tell their kids to aim for the Presidency. Here's an opportunity to have a history-making President talk to the kids about school, and now there's a problem with it.

    King of're an a*shole...w/cheese. You're the a*shole that Van Jones spoke of. Why so bitter? Did you feel this way about Bush? How did you feel when Bush initiated the "no child left behind" joke? Were you running around talking about how he needs to stay out of kids' lives?

    Now, Jr...let me tell you something. Okay, Sport?

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