I don't watch award shows. But I have heard all about the one that aired last night. I wasn't surprised at the behavior that others found so appalling. This isn't the first time that the offender has acted in such a way.

Wasn't he the same guy that got hijacked a telethon to say that "George Bush didn't care about Black people?" And speaking of that incident--why was it okay for him to disrespect a sitting POTUS, but not okay for Joe Wilson? Why weren't folks up in arms about that? It's not always about the message, but sometimes more about how the message is presented...

We really need to demand respect for ALL people. We really need to be careful who we idolize. We really need to require more of celebrities. They are out of control.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Exactly! Seriously this dude needs to be gagged. I mean really....poor Taylor she just stood there not knowing what he was doing. His career is going up in flames....

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