About a month ago, my cousin called me all excited about Fantasy Football. She asked if my husband and I would join the league that her husband was creating. I agreed, noting that neither of us knew anything about FF. She didn't either, but her husband has done it and loved it. He sent the email invitations and we created our teams.

Initially, I asked what I was supposed to do. She said to just wait for the draft. The draft came. I was assigned players. I asked what I was supposed to do next. She said that he would send out an email with instructions. He didn't. The season started. The first week I came in second. My brother came in first. He sent out an email gloating and saying that we weren't worthy opponents. I sent one back saying I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing.

So, now it's the end of the second week. I just checked and I'm now in first place--WOO HOO! But again, I haven't done anything. Can someone out there please explain to me how to implement strategy? There HAS to be more to it than being assigned players and waiting for game scores. I have HEARD of trades, and bye weeks, etc. but I have NO idea how these processes work. So please help me. Again, I understand the game of football. What i need is a quick tutorial in fantasy football. I need to preserve my first place status.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. nursetuck Says:

    http://www.nfl.com/fantasy/fantasy101-TRY THIS SITE. I signed up one year w/my cousin but never followed up. I don't have a clue

  2. I haven't participated in one.....sorry I couldn't help.

  3. Dren Says:

    Hey gurlie, talk to Mooney, he'll help you out. :)

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