When I was a teen, my mom made pot roast weekly. It looked similar to the picture above. It was actually VERY tasty. She put carrots and potatoes in with it. But, because I was a teen, I grew to hate it. I grew to anticipate it with disdain. I proclaimed that when I became an adult, I would NEVER have pot roast again. EVER.

Well, guess what? In the last few years, I've actually had moments when I craved Mom's pot roast. In fact, I could go for some right now, with smashed red potatoes. Isn't it funny how we seem to come full circle? How 30 years ago you could not have told me that I would ever want pot roast again--let alone crave it?

Do you have a similar story? Are there things you said as a child that you would never eat/do/say again and now you find yourself eating/doing/saying it? Tell me about it.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. MR. CHAP Says:

    Oh man! My Moms used to make her special spaghetti seemingly every day! Yeah it was tasty, but every time I said to myself, "self...I hope we're not having that stuff, tonight"...we had it. After a while, I'd half-ass eat it, going to bed hungry in retaliation to the "Groundhog Day" meal. Since then, I haven't been able to recreate that taste, not to mention hers was called "meatballs and spaghetti", because there were more meatballs than spaghetti.

    Great post, lady. I'm your newest fan!

  2. nursetuck Says:

    yeah I swore I'd never put ketchup on anything except a hamburger, now I actually like dipping fries. I love aspargus now, can't get enough! I don't recall one special meal that we had a lot, that I wouldn't eat now..something to ask the siblings about, LOL I might be losing some brain cells cause w/6 of us I'm sure we had some repeat offenders..

  3. catladysds Says:

    LOL mom used to try to pass off halibut as chicken to my sister and i, what was she thinking. To this day i do not eat fish very often at all. We also had one vegetable we did not have to eat, mine was lima beans, i still hate them and i also hated brussel sprouts, but they were bigger and easier to spit into a napkin and go flush! i don't eat those as an adult either!

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