So, today's another milestone day. Daughter #2 is taking her yearbook pictures. Where did the time go? Next year this time, she'll be well into her freshman year of college.

I've found that I'm reliving my senior year in high school through her. Well, as much as she'll let me. I've had to catch myself and not tell her what way to wear her hair or which outfit to choose for the "personality pics." And, she's also had to remind me several times as well that it's her year, not mine.

That's always the challenge as a parent--to let them use their own wings, even when you see the obstacles that they don't see yet. How does one do that? I find it very difficult. What about you? Are you the parent of an adult or even semi-adult child? How do you bite your tongue? Is it as difficult for everyone as it seems to be for me?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. MOMSWEB Says:

    Jewel, this is funny. I posted something similar this morning about letting our children make their own decisions. It's not easy being a mother.

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