Well, I know I'm supposed to be looking for blessings in every circumstance, but I have a couple things that I need to rant about. I'm sure the blessing is there, I'm just having trouble seeing it at the moment. Feel free to point them out. Thanks in advance...

1. The photography studio called and said ALL of daughter's senior pictures were on a corrupted disk, so we have to go back in and retake. When I asked if we would have to endure the 4 hour WAIT again, they tried to turn it back on me, saying "it's that time of year." I quickly turned on my Beyonce voice--"You must not know bout me! You must not know bout me!" Needless to say, she agreed to honor our appointment time, without the wait. I intend to hold her to it, too.

2. Dear Son is graduating from middle school this year. He brings home a form for the class trip the other day. Of all places, they are going to Washington, DC! As if he doesn't see Washington a few times a year already. But anyhow, the tourist tour is always interesting, especially when you are a kid. I kept reading the form and I soon got to something that crossed my eyes. The trip is $925 dollars for 4 days! Good grief! DC, the Nation's Capitol? Where all of the attractions are free or close to it? Oh wait, this could be a clue--"CHARTERED PLANE." Chartered plane? to DC? Are you serious? Commercial flights can be had for $150 or less all day long! Hmmmm..I think we will sit this one out.

3. While I died to get my Flip video camera, I've discovered that I don't like to edit video. Hmmmm..the things u dont see coming...Anyhow, I've spent 4 hours now editing a 38 mins of video into a 4 minute clip. WHATEVER!!!

Your comments--priceless!!!

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  1. That price for DC is RIDICULOUS!

  2. MOMSWEB Says:

    I had to get close to the screen to make sure I saw the price correctly. My goodness!

  3. School prices for most things are inflated. Makes you wonder how they survive? Can you son take the almost school trip? Fly commercial, stay at the same hotel and go with them on the tours on your dime?

    Similar experience at a lower cost.

    On the video, go youtube-ish. Short clips with almost no editing. Just post them and enjoy.

    For class pictures, another example of overpriced school stuff. You can get the same number of pics from Target, WalMart, etc for far less, but they don't make the yearbook.

  4. Denise Schoeffner Says:

    I can't believe you waited for 4 hours without showing out at the first photo appointment. You must have shown great restraint for the sake of your daughter. I agree that only someone insane planned a trip for kids on a chartered plane. I look forward to reading all your blogs, especially when you are venting!

  5. nursetuck Says:

    blessing blessing let me see here..You have enough sense and know in advancee the priceee for that DC trip is outrageous. You are a good mommie so you'll be able to explain to Ken reasonably why your going to save some $$ and sit this out. Can you imagine some parent knowing full well they can't afford it, having to struggle to make that sacrifice? More blessings, the photography studio has advance warning you're cable of switching characters...LOL and the bestest blessing is your darling children know it too!

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