The dwindling state of America's economy has left my home in dire straits. I'm telling you--WE ARE HURTING!! I'm broker than I've been in a many moons.

I really need to look at some cost saving measures, though I think we have cut already way down to the bone. So, I'm looking at you guys for ideas.

What haven't I thought of? What have you used and it seems to be working for you? Are you clipping coupons? Buying produce at the farmers market? Buying in bulk? Have you shut off your cable? Cut features from your cell phone? Buying generic brands? Help me out!

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    My mom was raised during the depression so was always frugal and taught us to be also. I plan my menus for the week around what is on sale at the grocery store. I rarely pay full price for anything! I love the challenge of finding what i want and need at a great price. We also don't eat out nearly as much anymore. I do still shop at Sams club even though it is just the 2 of us.

    I also quit using charge cards! It makes me think twice before i buy something, do i really need it, how will it affect my budget, etc.

    Oh and i pay myself first, when making out bills i always transfer an amount into savings without fail!

  2. Like catladysd, I plan my meals by what's on sale at the grocery store. And I ad match to get the lowest prices, along with pairing them with coupons. I don't know how many stores ad match, but Wal-Mart does!

    I try to make another meal from leftovers, I call them do-overs. It's simply planning ahead, to make more than one meal out of that one chicken. Especially when you know there'll be left overs.

    We've also slashed our cell phone bills. I was paying $30 for the pda plan I wasn't using. And the only multimedia messages I was sending was pictures to my husband. With 4 of us on our plan, two children who are very active and stay after school for activities, all we have is the ability to talk, and unlimited texting. We can use the computer at home!


    People don't respect the coupon.

    These days you can find them online and even in the Twitter-verse.

    Get what you want, just pay a little less for it.

    I have had a great relationship with coupons since McDonald's had a coupon calendar in the 1970s.

    Also go with mainstream tech instead of new tech. Check out the price of a new Blackberry that is 9 months old versus the latest thing. New tech always costs much more.

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