So, it has come to my attention that I have offended some readers because my opinion does not mesh with theirs OR that I've not tackled some subject that they feel I should OR that I did tackle some subject that they feel I shouldn't have. Some have emailed me with their displeasure, others have sent messages through word of mouth. I feel that I need to re-state the ground rules. Here they are:

1. It is my blog. I write whatever I want. It is from my own perspective. I don't consult with ANYONE before I write. My husband has no idea what I've written about until he gets the email. My MAMA has no input. I've don't mean to imply that my opinion is necessarily the "right" one, but it is mine. I recognize that your experiences may be far different. I welcome all comments and criticisms. I've NEVER not published a comment. My intent is NOT to bring harm.

2. See rule #1.

That is all...

Your comments--priceless!!

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7 Responses
  1. Susa Says:

    Crumpie, when I read this my mouth dropped first, then I laughed till my sides hurt. (I couldn't have said it better). I can't believe the nerve people have now days. You are correct, this is your PERSONAL blog. Keyword: PERSONAL You are not required to answer to anyone about your own personal comments/beliefs. And readers, if you do not agree, 1) don't comment 2) leave a NICE I disagree comment or better yet 3) Start your OWN blog and you can say what you wish and others can disagree with you. If I have offended anyone..send e-mails I would love to debate it!

  2. Beth Says:

    We must think alike because most of the time I agree with you, but you are entitled to say what you desire. I admire that you speak your mind no matter what. I hope you are doing well sister.

  3. blqlvrgrl Says:

    Yanno...that is some nerve. This is your blog, your rules. If someone does not like it they do not have to read it or comment. This seems to be an up and coming trend. Just like our president...if his views do not align with what some people think he should do, and how he should do it...lead a protest and call him Hitler..smh. We can agree to disagree respectfully, but many people have forgotten the respectful part. If you do not share their with your head! So sad...

  4. Exactly. It's your blog. YOU can write about whatever YOU want and feel like.

  5. Foxxy Says:

    I think it is ridiculous people would try and stipulate what you put on "your" blog! Like you said these are "your" opinions and it is "your" blog. If they dont like what is being said then stop reading it! It's that simple. I enjoy reading your blogs whether I make or comment or not. Most of the time I read them from work on my phone and unfortunately I cant comment from my phone. All I can say is "Let your Haters be your motivators!"

  6. Good for you.

    However, if you do choose to bow to the demanding public, my request won't be for a topic, it will be for Entourage like hanger on status when you go national and get a TV gig ;-)

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