Do you know who this is? Lean in and look close. Do you recognize him? I thought not.

His face is not one that's familiar to American women. However, once I tell you what his name is, you'll know his claim to fame.

I'll give you one more try. Study that face. Is it familiar at all? Fine then. Fine! I'll tell you--It's Jimmy Choo!

And the reason why Jimmy Choo is on my mind is because "Yours Truly" finagled an invitation (Thanks FOJ Claudio!!) to a private reception next week at his boutique here in South Florida. He's launching a new line, in partnership with Elton John's AIDS charity.

And for those of you who STILL don't know who Mr Jimmy is-- he is THE IT man of luxury shoes and handbags . He is Chinese, but born in Malaysia and made his first shoe at 11 years old. His brand of Jimmy Choo shoes is synonymous with the finest handmade shoes. And if you've never treated your little piggies to a handmade shoe, seek out one of his boutiques and simply try on a pair. But do not, I repeat--DO NOT look at the price tags, for fear that you will faint on the spot. The cheapest pair that I found, under the SALE tab of the website, was more than $200.

Anywho, I hope that I'm able to write something about the Jimmy Choo boutique next week. Since I plan to be way to busy trying on shoes, prepare yourselves that there may not be pictures!

Your comments--priceless!!

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