Just when I'd thought that I had seen it all, I saw something yesterday that truly amazed me. I ventured way out of my comfort zone to a shopping mall that I don't frequent very much. I've been there 3 times in the nearly 8 years that I've been here. But when Homecoming is this weekend and your daughter has yet to find a dress, you do drastic things.

Within a half hour, we'd found a dress (Yay!!) and then 15 minutes later, we had shoes to match. We ventured over to the food court. Here's where I got the shock. The most popular place in the food court sold corn and corn products. Yes, CORN.

You could buy cups of corn in various sizes. They had regular corn. They also had corn scampi (topped with butter, garlic and salt). They had all kinds of toppings to go on the corn, including chipotle, teriyaki, lemon, chili powder, etc. Then they had corn muffins, corn soup, arepas, and corn smoothies. CORN SMOOTHIES???

There was a guy giving out samples and I tried the scampi. Although it was tasty, walking the mall with a cup of corn just didn't appeal to me. And folks were waiting in line to buy the stuff. Did I mention that it wasn't cheap?? A large cup, about the size of your average styrofoam coffee cup was $4.99. Perhaps I should take a second look at this thing. Or maybe I could create a spin-off. I could use rice. Or tomatoes. Or grits. Would you buy it?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. If they were serious,the food would come in a cup made from recycled corn!


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