So, I see my hematologist again at the end of the month. And, no matter what, he's said that he WILL take me off of the iv iron for a few months. One would think that I would be overjoyed at not having to get an iv twice a week. One would think I would be happy that I could stop paying my insurance co-payment twice a week. One would think, huh?

Well, the ONE thing that I'm most excited about is the re-introduction of caffeine into my system. There's a little pharmacy/store on the ground floor of the medical building where my doctor is and I plan to leave his office, head down to the store, and buy the biggest bottle of Coke that I can find. I plan to drink it standing right at the refrigerator, before I even pay for it.

You see, my drinks of choice are Coke/Pepsi and tea. And for some reason, caffeine hinders the ability of one's body to absorb iron, so I haven't had any, guilt-free, in months. Now, NOTICE---I didn't say I hadn't had any. I said GUILT-FREE!!!

Anyhow, I can't wait to overindulge...

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    Shoo my doctor didnt tell me that about caffeine. But then I only take ferrous sulfate for my anemia. I usually only have one soda a day so hopefully that's not too bad and maybe 2 cups of tea.

  2. MOMSWEB Says:

    That will be the best dose of caffeine you've ever had. LOL!

  3. blqlvrgrl Says:

    ok Jewels...I know you're craving caffine...maybe, just have one. Have some caffine occasionally, but don't go back to what you used to do , kiddo. Caffine is not good for the body, especially for us ladies of distinction. (hehehehe, another way of saying we are growing older). So..go ahead, indulge, just this one time.

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