Well, they say honesty is the best policy. So, I'll be honest. I had a topic today that I wanted to bring to you. Today is my Granny's birthday. She would have been 86 today, had she not passed away 4 years ago, 2 days AFTER her birthday. This period is the worse for me all year long. I dread it. But I so wanted to tell you how special she was.

When I sit down to start writing a wonderful tribute to her, I realized that time has NOT healed all wounds and it was just too difficult. So let's just pretend that I poured my heart out and made you all know how warm, kind, funny, and special that she was to me.

Your comments--priceless!!

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2 Responses
  1. SS Says:

    Sorry about the loss of a woman that obviously meant the world to you.

  2. Dren Says:

    Your tribute --Priceless! :)

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