So, this was Homecoming Weekend for my daughter. But Homecoming has drastically changed from the ones that I remember. When did it change?

First of all, why can one not find a simple, conservative evening dress for a young lady? It seems that if she isn't willing to "let it all hang out," she will be hard pressed to find something suitable. Why is everything strapless or mini skirt short? Why are slits way up the thigh or plunges so deep in the back that you have to remind yourself to "say no to cracks"??

And what about the costs of the dance? Whatever happened to having the homecoming dance in the gymnasium with paper streamers and ballooon arches? My daughter's school rented out a local nightclub, which was fine with me until the pricing was announced. It was on a sliding scale--the first week that tickets were available it was $75 PER PERSON. Every week afterwards, the price went up $5. Wow wee. Luckily, my daughter got a free ticket for doing well on some standardized testing last year.

Some kids rented limousines and went all out. I kept scratching my head. This is HOMECOMING not PROM. Gee whiz--When did it change????

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. blqlvrgrl Says:

    I have never heard of homecoming tix for $75.00. Who voted on them having it at a club??? I a time that our nations people are going through fiscal crisis, I think it is a shame that they choose to have such a lavish homecoming dance. I with you Jewels, what happen to having the dance in the gym? Hey..and what's the deal with limos at a homecoming dance? Shame on that school...shame on those parents...smh

  2. catladysd Says:

    I agree the parents have let these events get out of hand. Homecoming for us was a ragtag parade, and a dance in the gym, and we had a ball. I haven't had to buy formal or semi-formal wear for a daughter for quite awhile so i don't know where u go these days. Try my daughter's trunks, i know she still has all hers though i keep telling her to donate them!

  3. I know right! I think the most I paid for a homecoming ticket was like 15 bucks!

  4. CC Says:

    Hey Ms. Jewel, long time no talk to (CreditChick here). I'm still picking my jaw off the floor for the mention of $75 tickets to homecoming. Whew! Crazy! Back in the day for me, our HC was in the gym and you wore your Sunday best! We got real creative with the decorations and I'm thinking tickets were no more than $5.00. Limos, what in the world???

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