Anyone that touched base with me yesterday, heard my raves about Bullets 4 Peace. I first heard about this company a few months ago. They take recycled bullets and fashion them into jewelry, as a statement against violence and also to promote world peace. They have been embraced by the celebrity crowd and are one of those trendy accessories that all the IT folks have.

On Friday night, owner/designer/new FOJ Rafi Anteby used nude models (with body paint), fire dancers, and video to tell the company's story. I was WAY impressed. You can read my take on it here, complete with video.

Anyhow, yesterday I touted the message of Bullets 4 Peace to anyone who would listen. Imagine my surprise last night when I got to Rock Fashion Week Miami's final night and found that I my seat was just a few seats away from Rafi. We chatted a bit and I told him about my review. He bought it up on his phone and read it. At the end of the night, he beckoned me over. I went over and we talked a bit more, and hugged good night. He said, "But wait, my new friend, I have something for you."

He gave me a Bullet 4 Peace. I was so touched. He has such a good heart and for him to recognize me in such a way really moved me. I'll always cherish it...

Your comments, priceless!!

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  1. Sinfully Says:

    I'm not surprised. Good people recognize other good people. You Go Gurl!!!

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