So, thanks to new FOJ Susan, of NYC-based Bella PR, I scored tickets to ALL of the fashion shows taking place during Rock Fashion Week Miami Beach. This four day fusion of music and fashion is one of the hippest Miami events. Which should have been my first clue. Hmph.

The festivities started last night with The Pink Dress Collection and Russell Simmons' new ARGYLECULTURE line. It was held at the Eden Roc Hotel down on Miami Beach, poolside. I got to hang with the beautiful people.

Of course, the beautiful folks sleep all day and party all night, so the first show started way after the 9pm scheduled time. No worries, I rested all day, in anticipation. I got there and was promptly given a VIP pass and escorted to my seat. I was in the FRONT row (I LOVE SUSAN!!). There weren't many seats and most of the crowd was standing, so I felt a bit celebrity-ish. My nose, without any prompting from me, lifted a few inches from it's usual state. The show was great. The runway ran down the middle of the pool and the models were amazing. You can read all about it here.

Anyhow, after the first show, I mingled a bit, always pausing to make sure my wrist band and VIP pass were showing. I KNOW folks were wondering who I was and if I was important. IF they only knew--hahahahah! Soon, the DJ announced that everyone should take their seats, as Russ' show was starting.

I went back to my seat. A woman a few seats down came over and asked if I could move down a seat. My newfound celebrityism kicked up a notch. And again, without any prompting from me, my nose went up in the air. I have no idea why it kept doing this. I refused. She said that her "friend" needed a seat. I asked what that had to do with me. She was actually VERY nice and tried to explain that since there was nobody in the seat on the other side of me, I could just slide down to accomodate her and her friend. UMMMM..nope!

Well, long about now, her "friend" shows up. Imagine the look on my face when her friend was none other than...

movie star, Idris Elba!!! Well, why didn't she say THAT???? OF COURSE, I can move down. Why CERTAINLY!!!!

You see, being celebrity-ish just does NOT pay. He was such a nice guy and we chatting for a good while. Tonight, I'm going to be nice to everyone!!!

Your comments--priceless!!

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  2. Haha!! Glad you had a great time!

  3. Girl, I envy you! Fashion and that fine man!

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