Tomorrow, October 12th, Americans celebrate the day that Columbus arrived here in 1492. As always, I have a question about this.

How did Columbus "discover" America, if there were folks here when he got here? Usually, "discovery" means that you are the first there. But if there were natives to greet you, how did you "discover" it? Thoughts, anyone?

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  1. Sinfully Says:

    The ONLY thing Columbus should be rewarded for is getting lost. He was trying to get to the Orient in search of wealth and gold. Instead of the Orient, he ended up in the West Indies where he wreaked havoc. We can credit Columbus with being a founding father of the slave trade, introducing diseases to the native Taino people wiping out 99%of their population and with brutally forcing the Christianity religion upon them. I say brutally because Columbus would savagely dismember the bodies of the native inhabitants and parade their bodies along the streets to display what would happen if they didn't comform. To bad THE real history of Columbus is not taught. I doubt he'd be celebrated if the real truth were known.

  2. I wondered that too! I asked once in school and the teacher changed the subject. hmmm...

  3. ugmolicious Says:

    Columbus Day and Halloween. Same old mess. Just warmed over. If the status quo ever decides to tell and accept the truth behind some of these so-called heroes that our society so voraciously embraces, then I will listen. Until then, miss me with this myth.

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