I'm a fan of Rick Sanchez. He has a show on CNN every afternoon. I'm usually in agreement with him. On Wednesday, he took on the Roman Polanski issue. He took offense with many of the Hollywood elite who were in defense of Mr Polanski. He specifically called out Whoopi Goldberg for comments on The View. Here's the video.

Now, I like Whoopi, but I couldn't stand with her on this. Well, apparently, Whoopi got way upset. Rick revisited the issue yesterday. Whoopi said she was misunderstood. She meant that he wasn't charged with rape. But like Rick says on yesterday's show (here)--what the original crime is and what u end up being charged with are sometimes way far apart, depending on how good your attorney is.

I gotta stick with Rick on this one. Sorry Whoopi!

Your comments--priceless!

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  1. Ugmolicious Says:

    I did not comment on your original blog "Should He Go Free", so, I am happy that you have breathed life back into this topic again (especially with the Whoopi Goldberg addendum).
    I am appalled at anyone who molests, rapes, fondles, or abuses a child.
    It is reprehensible to me that any person would support or make excuses for someone who participates in this type of behaviour toward an "innocent" child. How dare anyone give a pass to this type of monstrous crime or the monster that revels in this type of activity?
    In my opinion, criminals that harm and molest children along with the people who turn their heads in avoidance when these crimes against children occur, should all BURN IN HELL!!!!

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