Where were you during those three weeks in October when two men held the DC area hostage, killing ten and injuring three others?

I remember it vividly. A year after 9/11, things were just getting back to normal, when all heck broke lose. I lived in Montgomery County, Maryland, a county that typically had 15 murders a year. Everyone knew immediately that something was amiss when we had 5 murders in 1 day. For the next three weeks, life was anything but normal. Every trip outside the house was tense.

I worked, but I pulled my children out of school when a young man was shot at school. I've always said that 9/11 was the single most terrifying day that I'd ever lived through. The Beltway Sniper crisis was 3 weeks of terror. Friends checking on friends. Family checking on family. Neighbors checking on neighbors.

We were so relived when it all ended. I was also saddened when it was revealed that one of the snipers was so young, and had lived such a tragic life. I know that he killed without regard, but my heart still breaks when I think about him. I also think of Conrad Johnson, the last victim, who I knew from the neighborhood. He was murdered in the early morning on this very day, seven years ago. I think of all the victims and their families, especially this time of year. And I think of our police chief, Charles Moose, who was thrust into the national spotlight. Many folks didn't care for him, but he was always TOPS in my book...

I wonder if we'll ever understand what it was all about?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. I didn't know that this hit so close to home for you. I didn't realize you had lived in DC. I remember thinking that was scary but to actually be there...ekk!

  2. Sinfully Says:

    Jewel, that was definitely a horrible time in our lives. It was such a sense of helplessness. I can remember crouching down to pump gas, avoiding white box trucks like the plague and the news conference where the Chief of Police cried because a child had now become the target of the sniper. I pray no one will have to live through that kind or terror.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with Sinfully, I did all those things too. I closed my blinds at work all day because I was afraid of being shot in the head. I lived in Howard County at the time, I crouched down at gas pumps and shielded my child and it was just so scary. I thought Chief Moose was amazing throughout and I hate the things people say about him. He made me feel safe.

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