Just because you have a cell phone does not mean that should not observe common courtesy when it comes to others in public places.

There are some times and places where is is not cool for me to hear your cell phone ring. I do NOT want to hear your cell in a place or worship or in a movie theater. Phones should be silenced. And if you forget to silence it, as we all have done, and it rings, DO NOT answer it and hold a conversation. Excuse yourself and go to a more private area. Anything less than that, is a reflection of your home training, or lack thereof.

If you are sitting in a restaurant, I guess it's up to you whether you want to take the call or not. But still, remember the rule of polite society. Recently, while trying to enjoy my meal, I had the pleasure of hearing someone describe, in detail, a horrible rash in a very private area to a medical provider--YUCK!

I realize that we live in the age of technology and I love my Blackberry as much as the next person, but exercise civility!

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. Sinfully Says:

    I was at a very expensive upscale benefit gala last night. Low and behold, a cell phone with an obnoxious ringtone interrupted the awards portion of the program. The person with the offending cell phone answered it AND carried on a conservation. Now one would think a person with good ol' common sense would have practiced some cell phone etiquette...but apparently sense ain't all that common.

  2. LUVA Says:

    I agree Jewel. It's bad enough one has to hear a cell phone ring much less have to listen to a conversation, but it is SO DISOBEDIENT and disrespectful for a person to have their cell phone ring and answer it in church. I guess if they don't respect God's Sanctuary, they're not going to respect anywhere else!! Oh and to the other disrespectful cell phone users that insist on talking on the phone and texting while driving, invest in a hands free device or blue tooth and most important......don't get in my way o.k.? Yes, I'm admitting right now, I'm in road rage mode when I see you.I do get irritated when I see you with a phone to your ear while driving and thinking you have no regard for another's life much less your own.

  3. catladysd Says:

    There is no excuse for bad manners, the only person who should answer a cell phone in public is a doctor on call or a parent who has left their children with a sitter. i cannot think of any other reason, except an emergency of some sort that should be more important than the people you are with and others on the edge of your awareness whom you may be annoying. Cell phones are very convenient, but i sure do remember being able to live quite well without them.

  4. cmiles Says:

    I've confiscated my neice's phone so many times at the movies it isn't funny. She thought I was being mean. I told her if she sits next to me talking on the phone at the cinema, next time Imma break her cell phone, and not replace it, needless to say, we've not gone together since.

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