Tonight, we move our clocks forward one hour. Many people say "we lose an hour." I've never thought of it that way--I prefer to think that I'll get that same hour back in November. From now until the Fall, whenever I run out of time for something and need a few extra minutes, I'll put it on my imaginary list of things to do in my "saved" hour.

No need to waste that hour sleeping, right? At 2am on November 1st, I'll wake up and consult my list. In that hour, I can throw a load of laundry into the washer, sweep the porch, re-pot a couple plants, wipe down the baseboards, go to the gas station and fill my tank, dig out all of my Christmas decorations, and change the smoke detector batteries. I should be able to do that in the hour and get back to bed.

How do you look at it? Are you losing an hour, or just paying it forward? What will you do with it?

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. Sinfully Says:

    I never understood why all the back and forth. There are states where the clock stays the same no matter what month of the year and those folk do just fine. Besides, I thought the time switched later this month. Thanks for the reminder, it saved me from showing up late to church tomorrow.

  2. Faithscience Says:

    That is an excellent take on this whole DST/EST thing. I am stealing your idea!

  3. cmiles Says:

    I have lived in places that didn't do daylight savings, I prefer it. In my line of work it just means longer hours of work. The sun already stays out longer in the Spring/Summer adding an extra hour of sun doesn't thrill me, and going back to regular time for 4 months doesn't make up. So no, Its just another hour of sleep lost.

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