One of my struggles with my middle school aged son is attire. I can NOT stand the slouched pants. There has to be a way of looking presentable without losing all of your cool points.

My son is required to wear uniforms to school, but some of his peers have found a way to make even khaki shorts/pants and golf shirts look slovenly and unkempt. It's actually sad to see youngsters with so little regard for their appearance.

Last night, in a McDonald's parking lot, I noticed teens and young adults coming and going. It was offensive and appalling to see exposed hind parts. Ok, you're right--it WAS Saturday night, but, for most of them, I think this is their regular manner of dress. And when I saw middle aged men rocking the "belt under the buttocks" look, I actually got angry. Why? Why? Why?

And it wasn't just one segment of males--I saw Black, White, Hispanic, etc. It seemed to be generational (discounting the old dudes). Where do these guys work? What employer finds this acceptable? Was this how they showed up for the interview? Is this how they meet women? Go on dates? To nice restaurants and establishments? I just don't see how that could possibly go over well. Could Obama and Joe have sold the stimulus package to America with their back pockets hitting them somewhere around the calf area? I think NOT!

But again, every man everywhere can adopt this style, and there will be one home, down in suburbs of Miami, where the males will dress suitably and respectfully. I hope my son understands...

Your comments--priceless!

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  1. Sinfully Says:

    When my 18 year old nephew dared to come to my home one year for Christmas dinner with his pants sagging below his boxers, I asked him, "where is your belt?" When he responded, "I don't have one." I went to my closet, pulled out one of my girlie belts and requested that he put it on if he wanted to eat dinner and get gifts. Otherwise, he was going to have to leave. I said it in that 'I'm not joking tone' so he would know that I was serious. I also explained to him how that disgusting fashion trend originated. My nephew put on my girlie belt and we continued on with Christmas dinner. This past Christmas, dinner was held at my sister's home. I peeked out the window as my nephew and his friend were standing on the porch about to enter the house. As I was about to opened the door to greet them, I heard my newphew say, "Just do it man, trust me on this!" I opened the door and there was my nephew's friend putting on a belt to keep his sagging pants up. I know I didn't win the war, but I'm greatful for the same battles

  2. catladysd Says:

    oH I am so with you on this fashion blunder that seems to have a life of its own. Especially, when it comes to anyone over the age of 18. No, i do not want to see your underwear nor your ass.

    What happened to those wonderful pants that showed off a man's thighs and behind...... i sure miss them!

    My grandsons know if they are coming to my house they better remember where their waist is!

    Maybe i've just become an old fogey, but i like folks, including children, who look like they have taken some care in their appearance.

  3. Susa Says:

    I am so very thankful my son did not adapt this trend or did he ever grow his hair long. (Thank you Jesus!) However, this is one of my pet peeves, and my nephew and I go around in circles about it quite often. He wonders why he can't even find a part time job. Could it possibly be because he is growing dreads, doesn't shave his face or keep it trimmed, and his pants are sagging? I wouldn't hire him either, which is exactly what my niece told him as she is an HR Hiring Supervisor. They don't get it and I will be glad when the trend is gone. It is slowly going away, isn't it?!

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