I went to high school in my hometown of Washington, DC. It was Calvin Coolidge Senior High School, home of the Colts. While it certainly wasn't a school of elite status, there were many adults who actually saw promise in the students and dared to care. Cecelia Broadnax was one such individual. She was the assistant principal. Strangely, I can't recall the principal's name, but I'll never forget Mrs. Broadnax. Quite often, she would say, "Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn." I'm sure that I heard her say it hundreds of times during my high school years.

That little adage never left me, but I must admit that it was long after high school before they took on any real significance. Over and over, I have found myself in situations where her words would resound loudly. "Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn." And each time, I say to myself, "You're right, Mrs. Broadnax. I have fallen short again," and resolve to do better.

I have no idea of whatever happened to Mrs. Broadnax, or if she is even still alive. But wherever she is, I hope she knows that I heard her and I thank her...

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  1. Faithscience Says:

    I remember Mrs. Broadnax very well. She definitely could turn a phrase. There was NO DOUBT about her sincerity and love for students and education in general. I think the principal's name was Mr. Thompson, but I do not recall his first name. I'll have to dig out the old yearbook, I guess.

  2. LUVA Says:

    Your teacher Mrs. Broadnax was full of wisdom!!! Hope you share some more of her wisdom with us.

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