2008 was NOT a stellar sales year for me, workwise. I didn't make nearly the bonus money that I did in 2007. Had I worked for AIG, though, I STILL could have made my bonus. I could have run my company into the ground, and still come out ahead. How cool is that???

I've been thinking about it since yesterday. So, I've decided that, starting today, I'm pursuing any and all job opportunities within AIG. I don't care what the position is, I'm applying. I may end up being the new CEO/COO or I could just be the new cleaning lady (Nobody can vacuum like me). Makes me absolutely NO difference. In fact, I'll work free all year, just so I can get my bonus at the end!

I realize that I'm too late to get a bonus this year--but I plan to be first in line next year! So, if anyone has any contacts within AIG, tell them that Jewel is available and willing to relocate, if need be. I will be on Linkedin, twitter, facebook, and everything else all day today looking for a way in. I'm going to be rich!

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. nursetuck Says:

    hahaha I nominate you for CEO!
    Don't forget my cut tho..LOL

  2. Eden ~ Lil Ejypt Says:

    You don't have to give me a free cut, just let me know where to apply once you get in! Sista-in-a-Suit, work it OUT!

    (I love your sense of humor, you know that?)

  3. catladysd Says:

    I totally support women with a mission. If not you than who? And if you wanna be my bff that would be ok too. :)

  4. cmiles Says:

    If you get hired, can u find a spot for me so I can get a bonus too?

  5. Sinfully Says:

    Lawd,first Bernie (Madoff), now AIG. When will the arrogance end?

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