What are your thoughts on celebrities? There are some people that think they are very much different from you and I. I disagree--under the makeup, the glitz and the glamour, they STILL breathe in and out like the rest of us, they have family, work and relationship issues like the rest of us, they EVEN (gasp!)still need burp, belch and fart, just like the rest of us.

If you grew up in the hood, and Ebonics is your first language--it won't matter how fat your bank account is--you will still not be able to converse intelligently in civilized society. If you come from a family of mountain bred hillbillies--it won't matter which designer's dress you wear on the red carpet--your siblings will still be caught on camera showing off the latest possum catch.

My point is this--WHY are we surprised when celebrities make bad decisions and do things that don't make sense to us? Don't WE make bad decisions? Don't WE do things that are confusing to others? Why should they be any different? They have the same daily struggles that we do-in fact, many of them have money issues--albeit on a different scale--just like us common folk. Why are our expectations greater for those who have achieved fame?

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Lil Ejypt ~ Eden Says:

    And let me hear the choich say "AMEN"...

    I am not star struck and unless it makes headlines, I'm always the last person to know what the celebrity news is...but I know this:
    It is no more cowardly for Chris Brown to sock Rhianna, than it is for Blue Collar Joe Blow to sock his wife up in the projects. Wesley deserved his sentence for tax evasion just as much as any no name dude who did the same. People are people and not more or less because of how much money they bring home or how many people know their name.

    EVERYBODY is a product of their environment.

  2. ~sunshine~ Says:

    I think when someone is in the spotlight, the "public" automatically puts them on a pedestal. I don't know why that is - is being a good person a prerequisite for being wealthy, successful, comfortable, etc.? We are all human, and we ALL fall short at one time or another. I never understood the star-struck mindset. I say good people are good people regardless...

  3. Sharon Ball Says:

    I can only imagine how gut wrenching it would be to wait, hoping and praying, that the person I love will be found. Thank you for reminding me to pray for them. Blessings...

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