It's the end of March and my mailbox is being flooded with invitations and "save the date" cards for summer weddings. I can't possibly attend all of these weddings across the country.

Even if I had that kind of time, it would cost me a small fortune. Besides, I barely know most of the brides/grooms and I have two sitting on my desk waiting for someone to tell me who they are. I don't recognize the bride or groom names, the parent's names, or even the city where the nuptials are taking place. Who ARE these folks???

Then there's one where-Bless their hearts--they cancelled the wedding last June at the 11th hour, only to have a change of heart and are planning again for July. Yeah right! I'll rush right out and buy a plane ticket for that one!

Am i expected to send gifts to every wedding that I'm invited to? How does one financially manage this? Please help...

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. Eden ~ Lil Ejypt Says:

    Hey there Sistalove! Good mernting, as Madea would say!
    I would go out and find one wedding card that I really like, and send that card to all of the people you don't know. This way you acknowledge by congratulating them and letting them know that you wish you were able to join them on their special day. Express that you are honored that they thought of you, and that you wish them all of the very best on their wedding day and always.

    Do the same for the folks you know, though you may want to pick out individual cards that you like for that particular couple.

    In today's economy, things are tight for everyone. It is not necessary to give a gift for a wedding you are not able to attend--it is nice--but not necessary. Your acknowledgment and congratulations are sufficient.

    Have a fabulous day, Beautiful!

  2. Silver Says:

    I think the "rule" is that the only thing you are required to bring a gift to is a bridal shower. Point there obviously to shower the bride with gifts.

    That being said, it's always nice to give/bring a gift to the wedding, IF it's within your budget to do so.

    For those you don't know, card idea above is great. For those you do know and want to give a gift to, remember gift doesn't have to be expensive; mixing bowl with some handwritten recipes, framed photos of couple, etc.

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