So it's been exactly a month since I got my Kindle and the honeymoon is still going strong. I am averaging 3 or 4 books a week, and haven't bought a single book in that time (unless you count the one that I got as a blog giveway for April--hint hint!!).

I've gone through the Twilight series, which I loved, except I had trouble with a few slow spots in books 2 and 4. I've done a couple from James Patterson, a couple from Stephen King, and discovered a few new authors as well.

I still can't take it out to read in public much. I went to Starbucks once, grabbed a tea and a scone and curled up in a stuffed chair. I pulled the Kindle out of my bag and prepared to read. I only had an hour to spare. But when folks realized what it was, they started asking questions--What is that? How does it work? Where did you get it? Can I see it? A crowd gathered. The hour passed and I hadn't read a page.

After having it a month, I can't think of a single thing that I would change about it, except maybe I would prefer it in pink. I did buy a pink leather cover for it though, that will have to do for the moment.

There's been a lot of buzz about it in this month, the biggest being the new Kindle application for the iphone. My husband downloaded the app, but hasn't read anything yet. I look forward to Amazon's daily unveiling of free books, quickly grabbing them up before the price changes to 5 or 10 bucks.

What have you heard about the Kindle? Do you want one? Why or why not? Has the buzz influenced you at all? How? What do you think about the concept of electronic readers?

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. Katz Scratch Says:

    hint hint???? hahahahahaha

  2. cmiles Says:

    I would love a kindle, I'm saving my pennies to get one.

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