Yesterday, after dinner and homework, I challenged my son to a couple games of bowling via wii. From the start, it was evident that I am a far superior wii bowler. But, I also noticed him getting more and more frustrated with his own performance. It seemed that his ball would go straight and just before hitting the target, take a curve and divert off into the gutter.

It reminded me of some of my own experiences, where I had a goal in my crosshairs and thought it was certain that I would obtain it, only to end up off to the side, not even coming close. In those instances, and even in my son's case, it wasn't the preparation that doomed me. It was the follow-through. I'm generally very diligent on the front end, thinking things through, weighing all options, pondering all possible outcomes, but not taking control once the project was launched.

My son lined up properly, his aim was accurate, but once the ball left his hand, there was no follow through. He just dropped his hands limply and hoped for the best. That was so familiar to me. We worked for a few minutes on his posture and also control, especially once he released the ball. It made a world of difference. He actually beat me a couple games afterwards. I think we both learned something...

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. TwoFishFive Says:

    Follow up and follow through--the bane of my existence when I was younger. It is STILL the bane of my existence at work, because you would be surprised how short people's memory get when you need important information from them. Still, we have to press on.

    You taught the young mister a great life lesson Jewel. I am nominating you for Mother of the Year!

  2. catladysd Says:

    what a great life's lesson for the two of you to share! it's amazing when we open our eyes and minds to everything around us what we learn in return.

  3. Ugmolicious Says:

    This experience reminds me of something a mentor told me many years ago....."Never mistake the beginning for the End." He also taught me that nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems. I've never forgotten the lesson.

  4. Lil Ejypt ~ Eden Says:

    First, Sistagirl, let me say that I am impressed with your parenting. You incorporated a lot into that time with your son. Togetherness, guidance, exercise, and a lesson for life in terms of that follow through, both for yourself and your son. Kudos! I learned something that I will consider and apply right away in my own parenting. Made me want to go buy Wii! And maybe I will.

    Follow through is so important to we salesfolk. It is exactly what keeps projected sales growing. Too many times (since our company downsized and I became a one woman department) I drop the ball by getting overwhelmed with new prospects and not following up consistently with older prospects. I know this loses me money.

    I need to do better! My life long characteristic of being rather disorganized, which contributes to my tendency to get overwhelmed, certainly doesn't help.

    I must find tools for disciplining myself to be more organized in order to improve on following through. I want to do so, as I'd like to reap the benefits!

    Great for thought for me, absolutely. Thank you. I needed today's blog on both a personal and a professional level. I think I'll print it and hang it in my office where I can read it frequently.

  5. Sharon Ball Says:

    Isn't it funny how ordinary life-moments can be such great teachers? Who would have thought playing Wii could be so valuable.

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